kite on djerba island

White sand beaches, magnificent lagoon, palm trees dishevelled by the breeze . You are in Djerba,  not very far from ' el Kantara . Some steps of the tourist areas but enough to leave with this place of the island its wild side.
Above the water evolves a kite , this big kite which tows a man,  and you give way to the dream that you too one day...

And Here we are, you stopped dreaming! You are a trainee at the school of kite of djerba which chose this place protected to teach it the practice of this sliding sport

.. Taken information you fast understood that everything here is made to want to dash into the adventure. Spots are hundreds throughout the world, but school which allies an idyllic place, a possibility of navigating summer and winter alike that we are a greenhorn or a champion and about or the orientation of the wind, where there is neither navigation other one than the kite, nor bathing, private beach(range) thus no curious onlookers, we stand everywhere, but there is all the same a dinghy of help, not fearing that the wind pulls down to(reduces) you on the little busy road and enough remote from the zone of navigation, an instructor for maximum 2 trainees, an ecole which prete you gracefully the material (even the shorty), and which dislocates supprème comes to look for you in the door of my villa which I let on the island and all this for a prize widely cheaper than in Morocco and do not speak about it about the South of France!

The material to practise the kite ? it is the big sail which we call kite or wing, a small board of surfing, of the wind, some water and the pushes of adrenalin will come later.  
The club exists for one year approximately, it is a "united" Didier club French " is associated with Mounir native of the village.
Why then not make connaitre the place by organizing an international compétititon there think you the Tunisian administration is not as well supple(flexible) to decide as the French and the project failed.
If you are a follower of the free style, choose the winter or the autumn end. The wind blows more hardly in wintry season allows all the possible faces(figures), the summer the wind is especially a thermal (it is the wind which we find in edge of beach(range), it blows of the coldest warmest verse, thus towards the earth(ground)), The navigation is possible about is the orientation of the wind and is situated between 10 e 15 knots, it is the ideal strength to learn(teach) and perfect,

There are 5 clubs of kite surf on the ile but I put a good tres in djerbakite, young club which thought of everything for your safety(security), your comfort, for a quality of price(prize,prices,prizes) 10/10...

A spot(spotlight) known for the kite it is the one of the almanarre (al manar: the lighthouse(headlight) in Arabic) on the coast(rib) from the Var .Si you do not live in the region of hyeres (83) it is necessary to find a hebergement, I thus looked for the most cheaper(most cheaper): the tent canvas! Place tries " formula 3mX2m: 25€ the night for 2 is 175 €

15 hours OF TRAINING COURSE 500€ it makes a 675€ total without the transport

All things considered, the pack djerbakite +location it is cheaper. Rent villa apartment of 70m ² (until 4 or 6) in July aout 350€ training course 14 hours 320€ total 670€ naturally flight,  in addition (find my good plans flights)


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